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Business Telephone Systems

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Commitel supports innovative technology and communication solutions to business of all sizes. With advanced technical experience since 1994 Commitel provides reliable customer support trailering solutions with the Ericsson-LG IPECS Australia’s number one selling brand of phone system.

Ericsson-LG iPECS Systems

iPECS eMG 100 is a smart business communication platform with unified communication and applications built in. It is cost effective, easy to use and is an NBN ready system ideal fit for small to medium sized businesses.

iPECS-UCP is a fully unified communications solution designed for medium business needs it has built in functionality for mobile, PC and tablets to keep your business in touch regardless of location or device.

Introducing iPECS eMG100

Best-in-class Hybrid Communications Solution

The iPECS eMG100 is a hybrid platform that supports IP, digital, analog and Unified Communication devices, so you can work from any device with any technology. The iPECS eMG100 is ideal for businesses that have a mix of technologies or are planning to transition between technologies. It can adapt to meet the changing needs of the business with its advanced applications and built-in Unified Communications.



  • Integrated Auto Attendant / Voicemail
  • IP-Attendant
  • Centralised Attendant
  • E-mail Notification
  • Centralised Voicemail
  • Personal Groups
  • Mobile Extension
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Web Call Back
  • Green Power Save

Product Benefits

  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Breeze through initial installation, and quickly customise settings for easy management.
  • Web Admin helps IT managers to easily manage their real-time operations locally and remotely.
  • Cost effective hybrid platform
  • Compact design, single cabinet with many of the communication features included out of the box.
  • Rich features and applications
  • All the basic features and functions such as Transfer, Caller Id, Message On Hold, etc.
  • Delivers advanced functions including an integrated multi-level Auto Attendant and Voicemail with both mobile and email notification.


When buying a headset you will need to decide on the type of usage. Do you need to answer the phone while away from your desk? This may be useful for a receptionist at the photocopier or admin staff who spend alot of their day away from their desk. In these cases are wireless headset is required and are very popular today. On the other hand if all you need to do is use a headset while sat at your desk for multiple calls then just a fixed wire headed would be suitable. These are often used in call centres. Again they come in a variety of different models. Ask our experienced staff who can advise on the best headset for your needs.

Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Australia is certainly not short on storms. Lightning strikes and power surges are a major cause in the destruction of a telephone system. With a UPS, you have surge and overload protection which can greatly reduce the chance of equipment being damaged. The UPS will also keep your phone system running for a period of time when there is a loss of power.

Phone Cabling

We have Experienced Cablers on board specialising in Cat 5 or Cat 6, from one Point to 100’s, If your moving into a New Office we can do it all .. Cabling, Data Cabinets, Phone System, NBN & Phone Lines.

Fault Finding Experts

Data Cabling

Moving into a new office we can install all your Data Points & Supply a New Data Cabinet, NBN & Phone Lines & Phone System.

New installations whether you require one point as several, we can assist you.

Do you need your existing data cabinet tidied up?

Having trouble with cable faults?  We have the equipment & expertise to diagnose amd fix your cabling faults.

Slow Internet or Wi-Fi? Some computers may not be near your router, e.g. In a Warehouse /Factory. We can install a direct ethernet cable to it.

Conference Phones

The Konftel 300  is an analog conference phone that is ideal to use for small to large sized conference rooms. It provides the Konftel’s patented OmniSound® 2.0 audio technology that ensures crystal-clear sound.

Conference guide that simplifies multi-party calls., and can easily cover 12 people in a 320sq feet conference room. In addition, the Konftel 300 has the option of adding expansion microphones, a wireless headset and a PA system, 360 degree Omnidirectional microphone pickup.

We also Supply other Konftel Phones & Polycom Conference Phones.

Digital Handsets


  • 320 x 144 graphic LCD with backlight
  • 12 (2 pages, total 24) flexible buttons with dual LED
  • Full duplex speaker phone
  • Support button kit (12/24/48 DSS)
  • Support EHSA (Electronic Hook Switch Adapter)


  • 2 x 24 character LCD without back lighting
  • 8 flexible buttons (duel LED)
  • Half-duplex speaker phone
  • No support button kit


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